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This guide was Marimba's flagship channel at their company and Beta launch and paved the way for similar guides in Netscape Netcaster and Microsoft Active Desktop.

The initial view, a fun promotional animation

View of What's New animation

Example 1 of a Channel Review and Category Selector

Example 2 of a Channel Review and Category Selector

A content scheduling system updated the animations only after they were viewed, but no more frequently than once per day.

The initial download was minimal and the channel slowly accumulated reviews and annimations. This is a form of the human-computer interface concept "progressive disclosure".

Channels were automatically verified for accessibility every day, and if found to be flakey, they were taken off the active list until they became available again.

A workflow system was built that discovered new channels and alerted writers to review them. The reviews, written in a stylized format, were then collected, tested and put into a staging area for inclusion in subsequent updates. Reviews were ultimately seen as 2D animations of panning text and graphics.